100% Customer Satisfaction

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your selection of my art. I’m the boss here at J. Riley Stewart Fine Art Photography, so there is no one between me and you to interfere with your complete satisfaction. Here’s a few examples of the experience, from their own mouths.


Lisa Williams of Ashburn, VA wrote: “I am in LOVE. I knew “Redbuds Along the Lane” would look good, but I can’t get over how it finishes our living room, calms me and just makes me smile. Thank you so much.”

Custom Software Systems, Leesburg, VA wrote:” Thank you so much Jim! We love, love, love our new art gallery here at the office. We will continue to visit your site for more!”

Kim and Don Yarbrough, Denver, NC wrote: “We visited the art gallery in Leesburg, Va. where Dr. Stewart’s photography is on display. We fell in love with his work “Garden Gate in Fog.” The colors are vivid and crisp and the fog in the background lends an air of mystery to the picture. We ordered a 24×30 size and It arrived yesterday packed beautifully and just in time for Mother’s Day! We will certainly purchase more of Dr. Stewart’s works in the future!”

Mrs Lauren Coleman of Centreville, VA published on Yelp.com: ” We have 4  16×20″ photos in our living room, all of which were taken, developed, matted, and framed by Dr. Stewart. The depth and clarity of the photos is very impressive; it seems like I am always noticing something new in each photo. They are perfect!”

Cindy LoSasso and Carla Rhoads, Leesburg, VA wrote “We purchased The Garden Gate from Jim and it is absolutely beautiful! We have this picture hanging in our kitchen sitting area, where it gets the outside light, and that just accentuates the lighting of the actual picture. We definitely plan on purchasing more artwork from Jim in the future. We could not be happier!”

“In today’s stress-filled world, it is comforting to take a moment and lose yourself in Stewart’s captured visions. His photographs are soothing, serene and tranquil settings that invite the eyes to come in and rest awhile. Yet, there is an intriguing mystery”..Elan Magazine